How It Works

1. Choose Your Alarm

Choose one of our Alarm Starter Kits and add any additional detectors you will need to protect your home. Don’t worry, we will review your selection when you place your order.

2. Book Installation Date

Get in touch to double check the alarm kit you have chosen, place your order and book an installation date. Typically we can fit your alarm within 3 working days of payment.

3. Maintenance & Aftercare

Once your alarm is fitted, choose whether you would like any additional extras like 4G sim card backup or our monthly care plan that covers unlimited return visits and subsidised battery prices.

1. Choose Your Alarm

Customise Your Security

Our alarms are sold as starter kits with the option to add-on additional devices for further protection. The starter kits come with everything you need to set up basic protection in your home. Our Image Verification kit includes motion detectors that take pictures of any movement in your home, allowing you to instantly verify whether there is a real threat or whether its a false alarm.

Home Security Starter Kit 1 in White

2. Book Your Installation

Get Protected

When you are ready to purchase your alarm, either call or message us to discuss your choice of kits, add-ons & preferred installation date. We will review your system, offering any feedback as to how to improve your security. Once the invoice is paid we typically install alarms within 3 working days.

3. Maintenance & Extras

Keep Your System Online

All alarms should be serviced once a year, and our wireless alarms will need their batteries replacing every 2-7 years. You can choose our pay-as-you-go package where you pay per visit, or you can choose our care plan which includes up to 4 visits per year and offers reduced prices on batteries.

Also, your alarm relies on an active internet connection to alert your phone of a problem. In the event of a power-cut your alarm will be vulnerable & unable to communicate with the outside world. We can offer a 3G sim backup to ensure your alarm is always operational, regardless of whether there is power to your home.

*Care Plan and SIM Backup are billed annually.


No! The one-off fee you pay includes a fully functional alarm. Period.

As the alarm is wireless, it is powered by batteries (which typically last 3-7 years!) which will need replacing from time to time. You will get an alert on your phone with plenty of time to give us a call.

Our fixed rate call-out fee is £75 + £3/battery and always includes a full service.

We do offer a £10/month care plan which includes free call-outs, free annual service and subsidised £1/batteries.

Alarm systems are critical to the security of your home. For this reason it is important that they are well maintained and tested to ensure they work when you need them most.

Wireless alarms are powered by batteries, which need replacing.
Motion detectors get blocked by new household furniture.
Lifestyle changes may require additional protection in new areas.

An annual service by an experienced engineer is the best way to ensure your home is just as secure as the day your alarm was fitted.

We have two options for keeping your alarm system well maintained:

  • Pay As You Go (£75 per service + £3/battery)
  • Care Plan (£10 per month + £1/battery)

Our Care Plan includes unlimited visits to diagnose & fix any issues you have with your alarm, plus a free annual service and subsidised battery costs. 

Its completely up to you which one suits you best.

All of our detectors are designed to be pet-friendly. This typically means small moving objects at ground level should not give you any false alarms.

Larger dogs / Cats that climb up high can potentially still trigger false alarms. If this happens to you, we can remotely lower the sensitivity of your detectors.

If you have a large dog, it may not be possible to prevent false alarms without reducing the effectiveness of your alarm, as a burglar could crawl around your home.

In this instance, we can add protection to all your doors & windows, whilst leaving the motion sensors deactivated. Alternatively, you can keep your dog in a designated room where a single motion detector is deactivated, leaving the rest of your house fully protected. 

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